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Bogor Park Residence is located right on the side of the main street, namely Jl. RE Sumantadiredja. This road is an alternative route to Sukabumi from Bogor. Geographically located in the highlands, about 400 meters above sea level (asl), making Bogor region has a cool climate, with an average temperatures of 25 degrees centigrade. Especially located near the Bogor Botanical Gardens, the lungs of the city, further add to its beauty and coolness of the region. Natural panorama of Bogor City is also very charming with a background of three mountains, namely Mount Salak, Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango. The accessibility of roads leading to the central business district makes the people living in Bogor do not lose much time to travel to the workplace. There are at least four main access roads leading from Bogor to Jakarta, namely Jl. Raya Bogor, Jl. Parung Raya, Jl. Jagorawi toll, and access by Electric Rail Trains (KRL).

With a total area of 12 acres, will be built about 644 units of housing with various types. With five stars facilities include: resort club house, swimming pool, children pool, children play ground, basketball/ indoor soccer / badminton, jogging track, botanical garden, mini market.

To ensure security and privacy of the residents, cluster system with one gate system is implemented. Everyone access this residential area from one gate and guarded by 24-hour security guard.

As for home design, Bogor Park Residence adopts modern minimalist tropical design. The design concept suited well with the tropical climate in Indonesia, compared with minimalist modern design concepts that in general are adopting western styles. Aside from the concept of a modern tropical design in minimalist, there is an additional form of wind holes, and saddle-shaped roof. Thus, the air circulation is going more smoothly, so that even with no air conditioner the indoor temperature will remain cool and fresh.

Buying a house in Bogor Park Residence is a profitable investment because the land & the housing prices are continuously rising.
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